A quick bio on who i am, and how this business came about-
I am a stay at home mum to 2 beautiful children under the age of 5. For all my life i have been interested in art in one form or another- craft, photography, sketching. I have found much joy and satisfaction from creating these products and my customers share my passion.
A happy customer = A happy creator!

Every board is hand scripted with gel ink, and sealed with a food safe sealer to protect the ink from fading, and to ensure you can use it for serving purposes as well as decor around the home!
You will find that no 2 boards are the same, as each board is unique in its own special way.
Driven by inspiration from customers, or personal experience i strive to provide a one of a kind personalisation for each and every customer.

Please enjoy my website,you will find a link to my social media accounts if you are interested in following them, you will find the latest products first hand when they come out! Feel free to get in touch with your feedback or questions.

Happy Shopping!

Lettering Artisan & Designer